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FIRGA is an acronym for ‘Fakulteit Ingenieurswese Rekenaar Gebruikers Area’. The english equivalent is FECUA, or ‘Faculty Engineering Computer User Area’.

FIRGA consists of the following rooms:

  • Computer User Area (300 capacity)
  • Electronic Classroom M2002(118 capacity)
  • Electronic Classroom M2004(115 capacity)
  • Electronic Classroom M3002(239 capacity)

Our Mission

…to provide affordable, reliable access to computer hardware and software to all students and personnel within the Faculty.

…to provide the necessary training and support for the most widely used programs on the Stellenbosch University Network, by way of courses and online help

…to provide a working environment conducive to learning and the building of computer literacy skills within the engineering environment.

…to provide the best and most up-to-date computer hardware and software that can be afforded, to all the students and personnel within the Engineering Faculty.

Our Services

Basic hardware and software support in the faculty in cases of emergency where the IT waiting times will be too long. FIRGA has two certified Extron control specialists and can support Audiovisual rooms and equipment.

  • Basic LINUX support in the faculty
  • Computer User area maintenance and support
  • Electronic classroom maintenance and support
  • Software support
  • VPN and remote support
  • Software licensing
  • Software purchases
  • Classroom and Exam technical assistance
  • Computer Imaging
  • Liaison with the IT department for Engineering students and staff members
  • General IT advice in the faculty

FIRGA / FECUA - Computer User Area and Electronic Classrooms

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