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Printing Costs

  • A4 black single sided: R 0.64
  • A4 black double sided: R 1.07
  • A4 colour single sided: R 3.01
  • A4 colour double sided: R 5.51
  • A3 black single sided: R 1.43
  • A3 black double sided: R 2.27
  • A3 colour single sided: R 5.80
  • A3 colour double sided: R 11.20

Printing in FIRGA

FIRGA currently uses the Secure Print system. Printing Money must be available to use this system. No Printing Money are given to you. The UserAdmin page is used to load the Printing Money.
Send your print job to the Default Printer (STB_PRINT_Q01 on To retrieve your printing go to ANY Safecom Enabled device on campus (look out for the SafeCom stickers) and touch your student card at the device. This will AUTOMATICALLY start the printing process of all your documents.
Please Note that by default all printing will be in Greyscale and in Duplex mode. You need to change the Advanced Printing Properties to utilize any of the other features.
If you want to manage your print jobs before having them printed (for example delete jobs you have submitted) visit

Manage Your Printing Money

Printing Money

Log on to the User Admin Page and view these options:

  • View Printing Balances
  • View Printing Cashier Transactions
  • View Printing Student Account Transactions
  • Load Printing Money from Student Account
  • Load Printing Quota from Cost Centre

Follow the instructions below to load printing credits:

Printing Problems

Printing Problems?

  • Check if you have Printing Money.
  • Load your printing quota via the User Administration page.
  • If you have printing money, check if they are in the queue, ready for printing.
  • Before printing a document, you must check if the correct printer is selected.
  • If the Printer has any errors, notify the Firga Assistants.

How To Change Your Password

To change your Password, please follow these steps:

  • Step1: Log on to the User Administration page
  • Step2: Click on ‘Change Password’
  • Step3: Enter a New Password and Confirm Password (Use a Password that u never used before)
  • Step4: Click on ‘Update’ to update your password and the ‘Successful message’ will appear
  • Log out and use your New Password

Internet Access

The Information Technology department implemented a new firewall in Feb-March 2021. Since then any network connected device should have internet access. The previous Inetkey application is thus discontinued and can be removed from all devices. A levy is charged on user account registrations and renewals to substitute internet access costs, which was previously generated through the Inetkey app. In most cases this will still be a significant saving for each user throughout a one year period.

Account Locked

If you have a personal computer connected to the US Network it might have old passwords stored on it which locks your account.

Steps to remove the old passwords from your personal computer.

  • Go To Control Panel >> User Accounts >> Manage Your Credentials
  • Remove or update all references to US network resources
  • Other devices for example mobile phones and tablets (eg. e-mail apps) – Log out of the apps or delete credentials or worse case scenario delete the apps until your account unlock

Your account will unlock automatically after 30 minutes once the old passwords are removed.

SUNLearn help

If you can’t log in to SUNLearn, Go to UserAdmin and change your password
For any other SUNLearn related queries (modules not showing etc.), email

H: Drive (Network Spaces)

Your H: Drive is a 500mb storage space meant to temporary store documents when working between computers. It is recommended that you use OneDrive instead.
Upon logon, the H drive should automatically map. If it doesn’t, please log a call on the Firga Service Desk.
You can also access your H drive off campus by logging in with your US credentials at


Staff and students have access to 1 Terabyte of storage on Microsoft Onedrive, and it is the recommended way to work with your data.
To access your storage, go to, sign in with you US credentials and click on the Onedrive link.

You can also download a Onedrive client for your private computer or mobile device, instructions are available here: OneDrive Client (Please note most version of Windows 10 aleady include OneDrive)


Things to know before you connect to the Wi-Fi or LAN

  • Eduroam is our default Wi-Fi network
  • If your password has changed since your last login to Eduroam, you will receive a message: Can’t Connect to this network when you try to connect again to Eduroam. Right click on Eduroam SSID and select forget. If you try again to connect to Eduroam you will be prompted to type in your username and password before you can connect.
  • RegisterMe!:
    • This is necessary for staff and students to connect to RegisterMe! on an annual basis. Once you’ve completed all the steps you will need to connect to the Eduroam Wi-Fi (SSID)
    • You can register your devices with the following guides:
    • This applies to LAN registrations in residence as well for students. (Annually)
    • Make sure your password has not expired,  If the password had expired, please update password and select “forgot password”
    • Please make use of our FAQ section if you experience issues.

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